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Frequently Asked Questions

How to prepare:

Think of packing as if you were going to ship the items. 

All drawers & furniture pieces should be emptied of items. Clothes can go in heavy duty garbage bags or boxes.

Pictures, paintings, and TV's should all go in boxes.


Lamps should go in boxes surrounded by bubble wrap or in your car

I have more items then I listed initially. Should I wait until the movers arrive to surprise them? 


No! This is a common misconception. We will need to be informed of any additional items you would like for us to move before your moving date. We often have multiple moves scheduled in a day and adding more items can throw off our schedule. We will bring more men if needed to maintain our schedule. 


How will you protect my dresser from being scratched? 


We wrap wooden furniture in moving blankets once we arrive to ensure that your furniture stays safe. 

How can I save money? 

Great question. You can save money on a move by having all of your small items boxed/taped, having all the boxes in a room near the front door and having your furniture disassembled before we arrive. 

If my estimate was for 4 hours and the move only took 3 will my bill be less?


Yes. We charge by the hour and any additional items, walking distance to and from the truck, sets of stairs/elevators can affect the time it takes to move the items and increase/decrease the bill accordingly.


What if a piece of furniture gets damaged? 

Our contract (or bill of lading, BOL for short) protects you against damages up to $.60 per pound. Some states are $.30 per pound. So if a piece of furniture gets damaged and weighs 100 lbs then we cover you for up to $60.00.  


Unfortunately not all items are made for moving. There are some items that come with limited or no damage protection. That does not mean that we will not do everything in our power to prevent damages. We take pride in our ability to perform moves damage free.


So what things are not covered for damages?


Damage to any owner-packed items, cartons, or containers, including plastic storage containers with no apparent physical damage to the container itself.  

Functionality of any TV’s, Stereos, Computers or other electronic equipment unless the client has tested the equipment for our crew leader prior to moving AND there is no visible physical damage to the unit in question or the box it was transported in.


Damage to any furniture constructed of any type of veneered chipboard, particle board, MDF —medium density fiberboard, composite board, or similar.(think IKEA Furniture)


Marring, scratching, denting, chipping, or rubbing on items which have been received by the carrier as previously damaged.

Minor drywall and paint damage is not covered. It is inevitable that minor scratches dings and dents will occur from time to time, particularly from moving oversized items in and around tight stairwells and hallways.

We will perform a walk through at the beginning of every move and do a brief inspection of your furniture. If we find that there is pre existing damage to a piece, your crew leader will bring this to your attention. If your crew leader feels that there are pieces of furniture that are susceptible to damage due to its condition or there are halls / stairways that are too small for safe / damage free moving, they will also bring this to your attention. If you know of any pieces that require extra care, please inform your crew leader and we will ensure safe transit for you!

Can the movers wear booties over there shoes? 


We do not wear booties, they are a trip hazard and would get torn going in and out of the house. We can lay down runners on the main pathways(not the stairs) or you can lay down carpet shield before we get there.


Can I give the movers food and drinks while they work? 


Sure if you want! This is a great way to keep your movers energized throughout your move.

How much should I tip my Movers?


Tips are never required but always appreciated. The movers on the job always keep 100% of the tip, we do not take any of it out of their pay. Most people tip between $30 and $60 per mover depending on the size of the move.  

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